Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Morgana is back after a long long period of silence. Eons of silence....She speaks from Avalon. her speeches are like angels' visits.......short and far between.......she does not like the miserable humdrum of human mortals but she feels the duty to warn all those people who endanger Mother Earth everyday with their foolish deeds.
Don't wait for that day when you mourn the dying sun, sick amidst poisoned vapours and collapsing inside greyish toxic air........The Planet Earth is crying for help: why don't you hear it?
Don't be forever deprived of such a beautiful golden light embracing you before the sunset ...What gift the chill of pure morning air can be for your tired body, what balm the scented breeze of distant flowers for your spirit  still plunged in mumbness.......
Don't lose these riches out of nonsensical stupidity to curse later what cannot be amended anymore....
Time is thicking and Mother Earth is weeping

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